I am seeking submissions for Resisting Injustice: Contemporary Views on Angela Davis, a book collection of edited essays. Resisting Injustice: Contemporary Views on Angela Davis will contribute to the discourse on scholar and civil rights activist Angela Y. Davis by being the first interdisciplinary book of critical essays to focus primarily on Angela Y. Davis. The book will consist of essays analyzing books, essays, and/or speeches by Angela Y. Davis and essays examining representations of Angela Y. Davis in music, literature, film, art, dance, and/or other related and relevant topics in relationship to the overall theme of “Resisting Injustice.” Submissions should include an updated or recent CV, a 250 – 300 words abstract including the title of the proposed essay, and contact information. The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2019. The submissions must be sent as email attachments to Dr. Sharon Lynette Jones ( Professor, Department of English Language and Literatures, Wright State University ) and contributor to and editor of Resisting Injustice : Contemporary Views on Angela Davis via email at sharon.jones@wright.edu. Individuals who submit will be notified about the status of their submission in a timely manner. Individuals whose submissions are selected for the book will be expected to submit their completed essays by the designated deadline and to meet the guidelines and requirements for the completed essays. A book contract is being sought for Resisting Injustice: Contemporary Views on Angela Davis.

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