ASWAD will be electing five new Board members and new leadership officers this spring. All ASWAD members will receive an individual ballot by email in late April. If you are an ASWAD member and have NOT received your ballot by Monday 29th April, 2019 please email:

FIVE new Board members will be elected from a slate of twenty nominees. In selecting five candidates, in addition to the individual strengths of nominees, voters are asked to keep in the mind the importance of having an ASWAD Board with a wide diversity of experience. (Note that the five members who are leaving the Board this year are: Laura Rosanne Adderley, Leslie Alexander, Erik McDuffie, Antonio Tillis and Elisa Joy White. Further information about the existing membership at the ASWAD board is can be found by clicking on the OFFICERS tab on the right side of the website.) Curriculum vitae and personal statements of all twenty nominees appear below in the right column.

ASWAD will also elect four new officers from among existing Board members. Curriculum vitae and personal statements of all candidates for officers positions appear below in the left column.

Officer Candidates


Robert Trent Vinson

CV Statement


Vice President:

Walter Rucker

CV Statement



Laurie R. Lambert

CV Statement



Sonya Maria Johnson

CV Statement


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