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September 2, 2020

Monique Bedasse, Danielle Boaz, and Youssef Carter To Edit ASWAD Co-Sponsored Journal of Africana Religions

Indianapolis, Ind.— September 2, 2020The Journal of Africana Religions, which is co-sponsored by ASWAD, has announced that Professors Monique Bedasse, Danielle Boaz, and Youssef Carter will join Edward Curtis and Sylvester Johnson as general co-editors.

“These three brilliant and accomplished scholars model the journal’s scholarly focus on the global reach and transnational significance of African and African diasporic religions,” said Drs. Curtis and Johnson, who founded the journal in 2011. “The future of the journal is even brighter today.”

Profs. Bedasse, Boaz, and Carter, along with Curtis and Johnson, will oversee the peer review of submissions, select topics for future special issues, and bolster the journal’s outreach to readers and contributors. The journal’s other key personnel include book review editor Dr. S. N. Nyeck and managing editor Dr. Jeremy Rehwaldt.

Dr. Monique Bedasse is associate professor of history and of African and African-American Studies at Washington University in St. Louis. Her research on Africa and the African diaspora moves betwixt and between regions that have traditionally been calcified into separate fields of study. Bedasse’s first book, Jah Kingdom: Rastafarians, Tanzania, and Pan-Africanism in the Age of Decolonization (UNC Press, 2017) won the American Historical Association’s Wesley-Logan Prize for best book on the African Diaspora as well as the Anna Julia Cooper and CLR James Award for best book in Africana Studies from the National Council for Black Studies.

Dr. Danielle Boaz, assistant professor of Africana studies at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, is an historian of Africa and the African diaspora and a legal studies scholar. Her first book, Banning Black Gods: African Diaspora Religions and the Law in the 21st Century (Penn State University Press, forthcoming), examines the legal persecution of followers of Africana religions such as Candomblé, Obeah, Lukumí, Rastafari, and Vodou in a variety of nations. In addition, she partners with grassroots activists and scholars to document acts of religious racism in Brazil.

Dr. Youssef Carter, assistant professor of religious studies and Kenan Rifai Fellow in Islamic studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is an anthropologist of religion. He is currently at work on a book manuscript entitled “The Vast Oceans: Remembering God and Self on the Mustafawi Sufi Path,” a multisite ethnography of a transatlantic spiritual network of African American and West African Sufi Muslims. Dr. Carter also leads the editorial team at the online magazine, Voyages Africana Journal, a visual and literary space that serves as a creative educational and cultural tool for students and lovers of the Africana World.


About the Journal

This peer-reviewed journal published semi-annually by the Penn State University Press offers critical analysis of Africana religions, including the religious traditions of African and African Diasporic peoples as well as religious traditions influenced by the diverse cultural heritage of Africa. ASWAD member receive a complimentary subscription to the journal via JSTOR.

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