Liberty hall: the Legacy of Marcus Garvey is a cultural and educational institution dedicated to the life and legacy of Jamaica’s first National Hero. The space is also home to the only Museum in the world dedicated to the Rt. Ex. Marcus Garvey and is the only completely multimedia based museum in the Caribbean.

Established in 2005 and redesigned in 2016, Liberty Hall’s Marcus Mosiah Garvey Multimedia Museum (MMGMM) uses touch screen technology and audiovisual material to engage the public about the philosophy and opinions of the RT. Ex. Marcus Mosiah Garvey. The curator, Dr. McFarlane argued that museums in Jamaica can and should be vehicles for the eradication of deeply rooted negative perceptions of blackness. She advocated for a museological practice that challenged European/Colonial interpretations of Jamaican society by privileging Africa and Afro-Jamaican perspectives. Using Garveyism as a pedagogical framework, MMGMM is an unapologetically black space that confronts a history of racial stratification through its exhibitions and seeks to positively affect the identity of its audience.

Volume Four is dedicated to the life and work of Dr. Donna McFarlane and will explore the theme “Pedagogies of/for Black Education”. We seek papers that explore pedagogical and museological perspectives on pan-Africanism; programming that targeting children and adult populations in both black minority and black majority communities; and transforming black pedagogy through multimedia technology.

In addition, we welcome biographical notes on Garveyites, articles, book reviews, reviews of Afro themed exhibitions, and literary texts related to the study of Garvey, Pan-Africanism and the history, culture and current affairs of Africa and the Diaspora. Submissions must include an abstract and 100 word biographic note. Queries and submissions should be made electronically to the Editor at 76kingstreetjournal@gmail.comAll submissions are peer-reviewed.

76 King Street is a Journal of the Friends of Liberty Hall (Marcus Garvey) Foundation and is published biennially. Volume four will be launched in 2019/2020. Previous volumes can be found at

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