Concept Note
India and Africa: An Afro-Asian Perspective

Africa is emerging as an important voice on important global issues with more political clout. India’s historical ties with Africa are old and the realities demand a re-orientation of India engagement with the continent. Africa is strategically and geopolitically important for India. East African seaboard from the horn of Africa to South Africa falls within India’s maritime strategic neighborhood. There is a geostrategic compulsion for collaboration between India and Africa to maintain the Indian Ocean as a zone of peace to promote trade and enhance mutual security concerns.

Africa would increasingly become an important source for oil and other minerals for the growing needs of India. At the same time a developing African economies could become an important markets for India’s capital and consumer goods. The presence of a large Indian diaspora adds a special dimension to India-Africa engagement.In the twenty-first century the re-emergence of Africa in the global scene is an important development. According to World Bank report the continent is on the path of economic recovery. There are now 20 countries having achieved annual growth rate around 5% for more than a decade. The economic reforms initiated by many African countries in finance, banking, and communication sector and the emergence of private sector have contributed to the confidence of African countries.

The emergence of Afro-Asian perspective is the hall mark of post Cold War period. It was totally different from the major powers (US & European powers) perspective which was dominated by exploitation and self interests. There is a lack of African interest in their relationship with African countries.  The rise of emerging powers especially the Asian powers including India has increased the demand for the natural resources that has led to the new focus on Africa because of its vast oil and mineral resources as well as vast markets. This new perspective also gave an alternative model of relationship between Asian and African countries.

On the other hand African countries have now got an alternative model of relationship. They have now choices for partners of development in the era of globalisation. This new perspective is based on mutual respect and African requirements. The imposition of others will on African countries is a thing of past. As a result more and more Asian powers are interested in improving their relationship with African countries because for them also it is a new perspective. It is a two way movement for both Asian and African countries.

In the near future Africa’s collective might will grow as more and more states will be integrated with the global economy. Africa collectively will have more political clout and gradually emerge as an important and effective voice on important global issues.

Against this backdrop, the Academy of International Studies (AIS), Jamia Millia Islamia, Centre for African Studies (CAS), JNU in collaboration with the African Studies Association of India (ASA India), decided to organise an International Conference on India and Africa: New Engagements on 15-16 February 2018 at AIS, JMI, New Delhi

Research papers are invited on the following sub-themes:

  • Afro-Asian Perspective: A Conceptual understanding
  • Rise of Africa in the post Cold War Period
  • India-Africa Relations
  • Africa-China Relations
  • Africa –Japan Relations
  • Africa –South Korea Relations

A short abstract of 250 words are invited latest by 10th January 2018 for paper presenters. The acceptance of abstract will be communicated by 15th January 2018. The full draft paper of 5000 words should be submitted by 5th February 2018. There will be no conference registration fee for the paper presenters. The conference meals and kits will be provided by the organisers. Preference will be given to those who have submitted their abstracts and draft papers before the due date. The abstract may be sent to the seminar convener Dr. Bijay Ketan Pratihari on and

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