Expression of interest in the form of a proposed title and short abstract: June 15, 2020 Abstract and full papers for review: August 1, 2020

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Mainstream narratives of Pan-African activism/Black Nationalist movement have almost always downplayed the intellectual and political contributions of Afro-Caribbean nationalist women.

This call, therefore, invites scholars, researcher, and writers from the African Diaspora, both inside and outside academia, to provide insightful dialogue on the theme Unsilenced: Afro- Caribbean Women in Black Nationalist Activism.

For volume 5, we seek papers that examine the erasure of the intellectual and political labour, and lives of Afro-Caribbean nationalist women who have “long embodied transnational identities by virtue of their political organizing, migratory networks, and border crossing”; their roles in canonizing the Black Nationalist political movement.

In addition, we welcome biographical notes on Garveyites, articles, book reviews, reviews of Afro themed exhibitions, and literary texts related to the study of Garvey, Pan-Africanism and the history, culture and current affairs of Africa and the Diaspora. Submissions must include an abstract and 100 word biographic note. Queries and submissions should be made electronically to the Editor at All submissions are peer-reviewed.



76 King Street is a biennial scholarly journal published by Liberty Hall: The Legacy of Marcus Garvey under the auspices of the Friends of Liberty Hall (Marcus Garvey) Foundation.

The journal is dedicated to the study of Marcus Garvey’s life, work and philosophy, and the history, culture and current affairs of Africa and the African Diaspora.

Each issue of 76 King Street will include a combination of the following:

  • Seven essays, four of which must specifically be on Marcus Garvey and three of which must be on the proposed theme. The lower limit is 5000 words and the upper limit is 7000 words (endnotes included).
  • Two book reviews, not more than 1500 words.
    Reviews must include in the heading: the title of the book, author’s name, publisher, number of pages, ISBN or ISSN number of the book.
    Example: The Garvey Book
    John Brown
    Kingston, Jamaica, The Garvey Press 234 pp. 2010. ISBN111-111-111-111-11
  • One Annual Marcus Mosiah Garvey Lecture
  • Book excerpts must be between 3000 and 3500 words in length. The heading must state title, author’s name, publisher, translator (if any).
  • Interviews should be between 3000 and 4000 words long. The heading should state the name of the person being interviewed, name of interviewer and date of the interview.

Contributor’s biography, not exceeding 100 words, must accompany each submission.



  • Font
    Times New Roman, size 12, double-spaced and justified.
  • Referencing Style
    The Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition is acceptable, except in exceptional circumstances; the author must provide written justification for use of another referencing system. Endnotes are preferred to footnotes, and must be manually done to facilitate the page composition process. Titles must be no more than ten words long.
  • Language
    76 King Street is currently unable to accept manuscripts in which the main text is written in any language other than English. Where sub-texts, dialogue, (particularly in the case of book excerpts) are written in any language other than English the editor may see it fit to ask the author to provide translations within endnotes. Non-English speaking authors must have their manuscripts translated into English prior to submission.
    N.B. Authors must pay attention to appropriate grammar, punctuation, spelling, verb continuity, sentence construction and use of the active voice rather than the passive voice.
  • Spelling
    76 King Street is published in Jamaica and therefore follows the UK English format of spelling.
  • Images and Figures
    Photographs, paintings and illustrations are generally not accepted, except in exceptional circumstances where the image is crucial to the reader’s understanding of the article. Images should be submitted at 300 dpi or more as digital files (JPEG, TIFF) Figures (tables and graphs) are accepted. Captions for photographs, paintings and drawings should be placed below the images and must include the name of the copyright holder and date of composition below the image. Captions should also be placed below figures. Figures and tables should be referred to in the text as “Fig 1.”, “Fig. 2”, Table 1, Table 2 etc.
  • Manuscript review process
    To facilitate our anonymous review process, authors’ names should not be visible anywhere within the body of the manuscript. A separate document should be sent containing the author’s name, manuscript title, abstract and a brief paragraph (between 60 and 80 words) about the author, specifically his/her institutional affiliation, research interests, publication (s).
    After papers are peer reviewed contributors are expected to make modifications and re-send the manuscript within one month after feedback from the reviewers.
    Scholars in the field are asked to review each article submitted for publication in 76 King Street.
    Peer reviewers will decide whether papers are either ready for publication, need limited author editing, need substantial author editing or cannot be considered.
    Peer reviewers will comment on the following:

    • Novelty/ quality of the author’s scholarship
    • The accessibility of the content for a readership with interest in Marcus Garvey ad Garveyism, Pan-Africanism and Black Nationalism
    • Parameter and thematic exploration of the articles
    • Range and use of sources including referencing format
    • Style and strength of narrative
    • Copy-editors/proofreaders reserve the right to edit manuscripts for grammar and punctuation prior to publication.
  • Intellectual Property
    Previously published papers and papers under consideration for publication elsewhere should not be submitted. 76 King Street will not accept liability for any legal consequence which may arise as a result of contributors breeching this regulation.
    Each contributor reserves the copyright to his/her manuscript; however, 76 King Street reserves the right to publish each article in re-prints or electronic reproductions of the volume for which the article was intended without the prior consent of the author, as well as to publish abstracts from articles in print or electronically for the purpose of publicizing the journal. Excerpts from articles may also be used on Liberty Hall: The Legacy of Marcus Garvey’s social media pages for educational or motivational purposes.
    In the exceptional circumstance where an image (painting, photograph or drawing) accompanies an article, authors are expected to clear all copyright/licensing permissions and pay all reproduction fees if any, prior to submission of these images.
    In the case of book excerpts, in the event where the copyright has been transferred to a third party, permission should be sought by the author for the reproduction of the text prior to submission to 76 King Street. Authors must also provide written evidence that they have obtained permission from the copyright holder to reproduce these images.
    Contributors will indemnify the publisher of 76 King Street against all lawsuits, damages or losses arriving from the contributor’s violation of a third party’s intellectual property in his/her article in text or images.



Contributors will not be compensated financially; however each contributor will be entitled to one complimentary copy of the issue to which he/she has contributed.

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