Disruptive Histories/Global Perspectives, a new series under development, will feature original research from and about the global south that illustrates how disorder and disruption have shaped politics and culture from the early modern period. Books in the series will challenge narratives that presume order and hegemony to be the norm and that fail to account for the work of non-traditional actors, whether resistant or conformist, in the making of regional and global histories. We seek work that explores surprising or unlooked for alliances and helps explain either continuity or change in systems of governance. By focusing on contentious movements and stories we aim to develop new models and methods for doing histories from below.

The series title reflects our intention to feature historical research from beyond the north Atlantic basin which is focused on experiences, relationships, political and cultural agency and knowledge-production of people underrepresented in the yet-dominant historiographical canons of nationalist and world history. We will work to solicit monographs that demonstrate a combination of new archival evidence and interdisciplinary method. The “disruptive” of our title thus signals a multivariate commitment to research that charts new methodological ground, emphasises change and disorder, and unsettles an enduring “north” geo-political centrism.


Each volume in the series will strive to:

  • Make visible an original story of disorder or disruption
  • Draw on archival and other sources that have not been examined or understood through the lens of disruptive histories
  • Model and talk expressly about the methods used to think differently about extant narratives related to the case or topic


We welcome proposals for new books in the series

We are keen to continue the growth of the series and are actively looking for proposals. If you have a proposal that you think may fit, please do get in touch with the series editors or the publisher, details below.

We’ll be delighted to give you feedback on your idea, and guarantee a swift response to any enquiries or proposal submissions:

Series Editors | Antoinette Burton, Thembisa Waetjen and Herman Bennett

Commissioning Editor | Maddie Holder, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 50 Bedford Square, London, WC1B 3DP


You can find and submit your proposal form on our website. Visit:

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