Evoke: A Historical, Theoretical, and Cultural Analysis of Africana Dance and Theatre – Special Issue: (Re)Defining Africana Dance and Performance Research in the Covid-19 Era.


Evoke: A Historical, Theoretical, and Cultural Analysis of Africana Dance and Theatre is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed digital journal that fosters research, critical analysis, and vigorous discourse, on Africana (African, African diaspora, and African American) dance, theatre, and filmmaking. Evoke seeks to bring Africana performance into scholarly discussions thereby documenting, preserving, and providing exposure to under-researched narratives in Africana vernacular and professional performing arts.

Evoke accepts submissions for its issues in diverse formats including but not limited to: print, film/video, podcasts, and other digital humanities formats. Scholars from all disciplines are welcome to submit articles and digital content. Reviews of books, dance performances, plays, and films, are also welcome.

Evoke is hosted through Howard University’s digital platform. The inaugural issue was launched in 2019. Evoke is presently seeking articles for its second issue to be published in September 2020.



Special Issue:(Re)Defining Africana Dance and Performance Research in the Covid-19 Era.

Presently, we find ourselves in the midst of a global covid-19 crisis. Yet, this moment presents a unique opportunity to accentuate the value and significance of Africana dance and performance. Social distancing has been mandated to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus, but this practice also inadvertently facilitates increased engagement with African and African diaspora dance via digital mediums. Though the dances are embedded with a plethora of rich narratives, and are historically practiced, reimagined, or newly invented incessantly, research on Africana dance and performance often grinds to a halt during tumultuous times. As social distancing forces isolation, it also facilitates a time-out to collect one’s thoughts. It provides an opportunity to invent new ways to utilize digital means to create new knowledge in the field of African and African diaspora dance and performance. In this special issue of Evoke, scholars, independent researchers, and practitioners, are invited to submit articles on any topic concerning African and/or African diaspora dance, theatre, film, or performance. Book, film, and performance reviews are also welcome.


Manuscript deadline: August 1, 2020

Submit manuscripts via Evoke’s website: https://dh.howard.edu/evoke/.  Please include, a brief bio, a 150-word abstract, five key words, and institutional affiliations.

Submissions must be in Chicago Style and employ footnotes as opposed to endnotes.

For more information email Dr. Ofosuwa M. Abiola, ofosuwa.abiola@howard.edu.

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