Imagine you have the power to revolutionize graduate education in Africana religions.

Now, share that vision with the world…

The Journal of Africana Religions invites articles of 8,000 words and round table comments of 3,000 words that offer new, exciting ideas for how graduate students should be trained in Africana religions.

The global study Africana religions has been relegated to the margins of religious studies. There are few opportunities for graduate study and even fewer jobs. In the United States, the study of Black religion is often focused mainly, if not exclusively on African Americans in the United States; very few scholars use languages other than English in their research. In Europe and in some parts of Africa, the study of Africana religions often takes place under the rubric of Christianity, foregrounding a theological and confessional approach to Africana religions. These are just some of the challenges standing in the way of expanding the reach and impact of Africana religious studies.

Among the questions that you should consider answering in your essay: How would you design a new graduate education from scratch in your region or country? What classes would you offer? What qualifying exams would you require? What languages would you require? What research methods would you teach? What books must be read? How would you find sources of funding? How would you convince colleagues to increase the number of jobs devoted to Africana religions? How would you work with community partners and others to make this education relevant and impactful? Feel free to include the kinds of specific ideas that go into the making of real graduate program proposals. Tables and lists are welcome as part of your essay.

Full-length articles of 8,000 words, which will be peer-reviewed, and round table comments of 3,000 words, which are reviewed only by the editors, are welcome right now; the deadline is May 1, 2020. Here is the link for submission:

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