Patrick Manning, Andrew Mellon Professor of World History at the University of Pittsburgh, Emeritus, having now retired, seeks to pass on his collection of African Diaspora books to a scholar who will make use of them or an institution that will make them available to scholars.

The collection consists of about 250 volumes–mostly in English, some in French and other languages, addressing the history of the African diaspora in Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the islands. This collection was important in the preparation of Prof. Manning’s synthetic study, The African Diaspora: A History through Culture (Columbia UP, 2009). A spread sheet listing the books individually (author, title, publisher, date) is available [it should be attached if possible]. Works address history, politics, culture, economic, literature, etc., across the past 500 years.

The decision on allocation of this collection of books will be made through the following process.

  1. Initial inquiries are welcomed: please contact Prof. Manning at
  2. Those wishing to receive the collection should submit a paragraph explaining  why this collection of books is of interest. Prof. Manning hopes to select one recipient for the full collection.
  3. The books are to be boxed, in rough alphabetical order by author, and prepared for shipping to the recipient.
  4. The recipient is to agree to pay the shipping cost for the boxes.
  5. A formal recognition of the contribution of books will be provided.

Click here to download the list of books in Excel format.

Patrick Manning

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