As the most innovative company in Africa, our purpose is to catalyze change in Africa and around the world by building the world’s most innovative university. Our engaging learning experiences integrate technology, personalized learning, real world projects and entrepreneurial leadership to create innovators, game-changers, and problem-solvers. We ask our students to declare a ‘mission’ for their lives along with declaring an academic major. Our two undergraduate campuses—Mauritius and Rwanda—are well in operation, as is our graduate School of Business. Moving forward, we plan to scale across the continent and then around the world, ultimately developing 3 million entrepreneurs and leaders by 2035. In 2017, the New York Times described ALU as one of ‘8 places in the world where history is being made’, while CNN described ALU as the ‘Harvard of Africa’.



The Global Challenges Program prepares students to work on the world’s toughest problems. Students develop leadership, entrepreneurship, and problem solving skills, tools for moonshot and unconventional thinking, and the discipline to direct their own learning around big problems. The program involves a combination of project-based experiential learning, flipped classrooms, peer-to peer teaching, and student-directed learning.

Global Challenges faculty should have experience working on at least one of the global challenges and an interest in designing and supporting students in engaging with these challenges. You don’t need to be an expert in pedagogy, but must be open to embracing new ways of teaching and supporting learning. As an institution, we approach education from first principles, empower individuals to design, test, and implement creative new ideas, and work closely together to craft transformative learning experiences. We are deeply passionate about our students and excited by the challenge of building high impact learning.

This role is full-time and will be based in Rwanda.



You will join as a founding member of our Global Challenges program. Consequently, your role will involve a blend of design, facilitation, and administration of the global challenges program. You will be responsible for designing parts of the curriculum, delivering and iterating on curriculum designed by others. Your day to day will include organising sessions, facilitating discussions, reviewing student assignments, advising and encouraging self-direction, and providing regular feedback based on clearly defined rubrics.

You will also work closely with the Head of the Global Challenges Program and our Learning Design Lead to constantly tweak and enhance the program and curate powerful learning experiences for our students. On a higher level, you will be involved in the co-creation of a vision and strategy for the program, setting up the path that will allow students to extend the skills they learned to the outside world as the future leaders of the African Continent.



  • Experience working on at least one of the 14 global challenges
  • Experience working with diverse and/or international organisations
  • Openness to approaching learning design and facilitation
  • Passion for creating transformative experiences that can scale
  • Some teaching or facilitating experience (formal or informal)
  • Desire and enthusiasm to work with students
  • General knowledge across multiple development and social science fields
  • Flexible and comfortable with change
  • Masters degree in a relevant discipline required
  • Experience in Africa a strong plus

And most important…

  • Love for building a strong culture driven by the values and core beliefs for our community
  • Passionate about transformative education
  • Skills: Research & empathy
  • Mindsets: Collaborative leadership


Click here to apply: https://boards.greenhouse.io/alu/jobs/806363?gh_jid=806363

Start Date: August 2020


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