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Check out the new issue, Vol. 6, No. 1:

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  • The Gift, and Death, of Blackness (pp. 1-26)
    Joseph Winters
  • Theological Thinking and Eurocentric Epistemologies: A Challenge to Theologians from within Africana Religious Studies (pp. 27-49)
    Joseph Drexler-Dreis



  • The Communal Stakes of Scholarly Debate: A Retrospective on the Critical Reception of Black Atlantic Religion (2005) (pp. 50-94)
    Lorand Matory
  • Culture, Nation, and the Struggle for Black Atlantic Religion (pp. 95-103)
    Roger Sansi
  • Toward an Inventory of Influence: Biography and Belonging in Sustained Dialogue with Black Atlantic Religion (pp. 104-113)
    Elizabeth Pérez
  • A Reflexive Response to J. Lorand Matory’s Retrospective on the Critical Reception of Black Atlantic Religion(pp. 114-122)
    Michael Iyanaga



  • Introduction to Roundtable for Robert Baum’s West Africa’s Women of God: Alinesitoué and the Diola Prophetic Tradition (pp. 123-126)
    Dianna Bell
  • God-Emitai and Women Prophets (pp.126-130)
    Isabel Mukonyora
  • When Women Are Central to African Religious History: On Power, Prophecy, and Memory (pp. 130-133)
    Maha Marouan
  • Sacrifice, Ethics, and Alinesitoué: Human Rights and Ritual Discourse in a Revolutionary Prophetic Movement (pp. 134-142)
    Joseph Hellweg
  • The Experience of Alinesitoué and African Women’s Prophetism (pp. 142-144)
    Rosalind I. J. Hackett
  • Reflections on West Africa’s Women of God: Alinesitoué and the Diola Prophetic Tradition(pp. 145-149)
    Charles Ambler
  • West African Women of God: A Response (pp. 149-157)
    Robert M. Baum

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