To: Researchers, academics, teachers, writers, artists that from anywhere in the world have interest and diffuse the contribution of Africa to our Americanism.

Dear Colleagues:

The labor of the Center of Studies of the Caribbean of House of the Americas, the results of the House Award, the editorial catalogue, the work of the magazine and the hundreds of events carried out in all these years, have contributed to visualize the transversal view of an area of studies that claims a differentiated treatment, helper of a specific development.

In October of 1943 a group of intellectuals from the continent, participants in the First Inter American Demographic Congress, carried out in Mexico City, founded the International Institute of Afro American Studies, under the direction of Fernando Ortiz. Among others, accompanied the wise Cuban: Gonzalo Aguirre Beltran and Jorge A. Vivo (Mexico), Julio Le Riverend (Cuba), Jean Price Mars and Jackes Roumain (Haiti), Richard Patee (Puerto Rico), Arthur Ramos (Brasil) and the Americans Melville J Herskovitz and Alain Locke. The publication, that same year, of the magazine Afroamerica, organ of the institution, ratified the will of contributing to the academic articulation of the Afro American studies.

The Program of Studies of Afro America of the House of the Americas becomes a project to give continuity to this tradition of search of our origins and interpretation of the keys of our identity. Created in 2015, the program is an academic platform of research and promotion, destined to expand in the studies of the legacy of Africa in the culture of the continent. Intends, also, to be linked to institutions of any place in the world dedicated to investigate, from a multi-disciplinary perspective, the African presence in the art, literature and the American thought.

The main objective of the program is to promote the study, with multi-disciplinary tools (historical, anthropological, literary, culture-logical, economic, political, etc.) of the African print in the artistic expressions and in the conformation of the societies in the Americas and the Caribbean.

We invite to all of those that wish to participate in sharing our projects for 2017.

Cordial greetings,

MSc. Zuleica Romay Guerra, Director,
Program of Studies of Afro America, Casa de las Americas

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